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The new era of social media is here. 3 things to expect

The new era of social media: are you ready?

In my first post of 2017, I’d like to take you on a journey to explore the new era of social media. But, what’s the old era? 🙂

What was the old era?

I spent the last week or so thinking and planning my new year, taking some notes and reading some other stuff.
I also cleaned my digital library: last year I read around 18 books, quite an accomplishment! It’s been the year I read the most. Between the first books I read when I moved to London there was Socialnomics by Erik Qualman.

It’s also one of the first books I read about social media marketing back in 2012. And it’s a great one: giving a lot of examples of companies and professionals using social media to increase their sales, cutting their marketing costs, and reaching consumers directly.
Even if it’s sad seeing many companies aren’t taking full advantage of those channels still, it’s interesting seeing how social channels have changed and evolved in the last few years.

It’s funny to use the word ‘old era’ too, as we’re just talking about 4-5 years ago.
The super specific channels we’ve seen at the beginning have become less in numbers and in specificity. The creation of generic content is not very useful now. Advertising campaigns on social media are becoming more expensive but more natural for users.

Seeing an ad is not awkward anymore.

So, what’s the new era of social media?

The new era is more difficult. Of course, what would you expect? It’s more challenging dealing with social media now.
110-years-live-video-periscope We, marketers, have been dealing with social media for a while, learning what users like to do and how to deal with companies’ goals.

Social media are changing, as us as users. We want to see what people are doing much more than before. We care about likes and we want to be heard, so much, that sometimes we prefer shouting rather than talking.

If you’re a company you know that organic reach is dead and you need to find always new ways to engage with your audience.
So what’s going to happen in the next months and maybe years?

1) VIDEOS are booming.

And not only because your timeline is full of videos, but because users are actually watching a lot of videos.
Periscope, the live video app born one year ago, says that we’re not even watching hours anymore but years, on a daily basis.
And this is the situation on New Year’s Eve: live streaming videos on Facebook have reached record-breaking numbers around the globe. A lot of people, instead of “just celebrating”, were watching live videos on Facebook.
Like my grandma was watching TV, 10 years ago.


You get it at this point: videos and live videos are the most important thing you can do on social media. Especially now that on Instagram you can stream live videos too. You can even choose: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? From a company’s point of view, I know it’s scary: what if users are talking badly about your products? But what if your customers are talking amazingly about it?

A friend of mine is working at King and he’s reproduced LIVE a game for live streaming purposes. In this way, the team has been able to talk in real-time with the users about the game and create real engagement with the main character. Isn’t it awesome? Check it out here, it blew my mind.

2) The new era of social media will be PERSONALIZED.
Personalization was also key in the old era. This was the meaning of hiring a community manager. Now, chatbots can replace him and speak with people directly on Messenger. They can reply to specific questions, informing about the weather, helping you to find stuff at the supermarket, telling you that the box you were waiting for has finally been delivered, and much more.

Well, actually, we won’t need to wait for having chatbots, they’re already here. For my flight to Cuba, I’ve got my boarding passes and info about the flights directly on FB!

chatbots-the new era of social media-alessiacamera

Elisabeth Nieves has created a chatbot to help her find a job. It’s here. Nice, isn’t it? Do you really need it? Maybe not.
But, expect to see a lot more of chatbots in the months to come. Not sure they’ll all be good though. 

3) PREDICTIONS will be more accurate.

With the FB reactions and AI understanding every day more about us, social media activity can now be leveraged to generate detailed data and insight.We’ll face an era of exploring the deeper significance of these social signals and what they really mean, at their core, for corporates, social movements and countries. Monitoring sentiment will be key.

social media manager is dead - the new era of social mediaReaching highly targeted audience means that consumers will be the recipients of ever more customised and reactive brand experiences.

Turning insight into consumer behaviour, understanding how people think and feel, based on what they share voluntarily across social media, has applications not only for marketing and PR but, crucially, for business intelligence, market research and strategy.

So, companies, be ready. You won’t need a community manager anymore. But someone able to leveraging data available through social media campaigns will allow brands to not only isolate key target groups but deliver highly personalised and relevant content that has the ability to be heard above the white noise of today’s media-saturated landscape.

Are you a social media manager? Start pivoting your career now.
Data will become even more important than producing a good copy.

About me Social Media

Social Media Marketing Speaker in London


How I did being a Social Media Marketing Speaker in London

In the last few weeks, I’ve been a speaker for a few social media talks about Social Media Marketing, strategy, tools, personal reputation.
I’ve been invited by Outreach Digital  and a few other organisations and it’s been incredibly interesting meeting and talking with people, being on the other side for the first time. 😀

alessiacamera-socialmedia-speaker-online-marketing-LondonAs I think that Marketing is not something with established and generic rules valid for everyone I really like workshops, also because every month there are new tools, new ideas and you need to jump on them to give it a try, you really can’t be behind if you want to stay alive.
[Ok, maybe “staying alive” is a bit too much, but you did get what I meant, didn’t you?]
And I’m not only talking about businesses, but also professionals and consultants.
Personal reputation is important and you need to be online, using social media and connect with people important for your industry and your job.
Do you know that we’re spending more time scrolling Facebook than in the toilet?

Here my social media deck!


Nelle ultime settimane sono stata invitata come speaker per alcuni eventi e workshop di social media marketing dove ho parlato di strategia, tool e personal reputation. E’ stato molto eccitante essere all’altra parte per una volta ed incontrare e confrontarsi con la community di Outreach Digital e di altre organizzazioni.

alessiacamera-socialmedia-strategy-online-marketing-consultant-LondonCredo infatti, che quando si parla di Marketing infatti non ci siano regole prestabilite e valide per tutti e quindi adoro gli workshop e la possibilità di confrontarsi. Inoltre, ogni mese ci sono nuovi strumenti e tool, nuove idee e campagne che bisogna conoscere e provare per rimanere aggiornati!
Ed ovviamente non parlo solo di aziende ma anche di professionisti e consulenti.
La personal reputation è importante come è necessario essere online, usare i socia media ed entrare in contatto con persone rilevanti per il tuo lavoro e il tuo settore.

Anche perchè  lo sapete che le persone spendono mediamente più tempo a “scrollare” Facebook che in bagno?

Social Media

The power of social media and storytelling: Foo Fighters and social media


Foo Fighters and social media: dreams coming true

Happy Friday everyone!

Today, I’m really happy to share with you an incredible Italian story, based on storytelling, dreams coming true and people.

I think all of you read about the 1000 musicians who played “Learn to Fly” by Foo Fighters at the same time and in the same place in Cesena, to actually ask Foo Fighters to come & play in Cesena.

A cool idea, a great accomplishment, months of hard work and an incredible result, which I think took over the Guinness World Record.
But, was it just dreams coming true? Or the power of social media? And, above all, what can we learn out of it?

What can we learn from Foo Fighters and social media?

I think it’s becoming a great example for all online professionals and brands to be more confident about the power of storytelling, people and social media achieving a community goal. Let’s analyse how this happened.

1) People
It’s all about people. Do you have a dream? Find people helping you out and share your goal. It’s always about the team and not only the individual. You wouldn’t be able to achieve the same goal alone, in your little room, without sharing.

2) Storytelling
Tell your story, be spontaneous and keep track of what you’re doing. Be genuine, share the success but also the problems you can find in the process.
Videos are amazing helping you out, but also pictures, events are important.
Sometimes brands think it’s not good sharing your weaknesses. But if you’re human it’s normal and we should be emphatic, we are not all superheroes! (even if it would pretty epic! :D)

3) Social Media
Social media are powerful, but maybe you already know it. People are empowered and there are so many examples of positive or either negative experiences.
People approaching social media are very much looking to produce viral content and become popular, even if just for a few hours. How can you do it? The power of social media. But not only.
Follow the first two points,  and share it. People love being part of positive stories, dreams coming true and bottom-up community achievements.
Don’t trust people telling you that they can do the job for you: it’s your dream and a daily job. It’s hard but important.
Remember to be authentic: it’s easier finding out your main goal was just being viral.


Well done Fabio Zaffagnini, congrats to all your team and the musicians involved in this amazing project!

ps: thanks to my flatmates Marco&Silvia who shared the story with me before even reading it online!