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Best No-bullshit Startup Events in London – November 2016


Startup Event London November 2016

Welcome November! Well, still a few days before kicking off, but not in my mind. I like to plan things ahead!
Something I haven’t included in my previous month list: this week you cannot miss the Harambe live talk by Vincent Dignan at We Work! It’s going to be hilarious as ever. And I know what I’m talking about as we worked together last year, building Secret Sauce Conference. So, if you want to know how to make your idea going viral, you need to go not only to learn but to have a lot of fun, too. Promised!

Here the monthly roundup of the best no-bullshit startup events London (November 2016) you can’t miss!

Thu 1 November: Building a rich & helpful customer persona at Calthorpe Project [free] to learn about online and offline research methods and find out about your future customers.

Wed 2 November: SVC2UK – Masterclasses at Google Campus [free] to hear from a line-up of inspirational speakers from Silicon Valley addressing topics taking over the world of technology

Thu 10 November: Fireside w/ Alex Depledge, at Runway East [£5.80] to learn everything about her journey of building and the future of the sharing economy

Mon 14 November: The Five Stages of Business Growth – Part 1: Idea to Reality at Google Campus [free] to learn on how taking the first steps while building your business. Unfortunately, this is sold out but maybe you can try to squeeze in? 🙂

Wed 16 November: Seedrs entrepreneur lunch & learn: crowdfunding campaign video workshop at Seedrs HQ [free] to learn how to create a clear and concise video for your crowdfunding campaign

Thu 24 November: London.AI meetup, one of the best meetups about AI in London. But be careful, you have to send an application to be able to attend it!

I think for this November that’s know, November is the worst month of the year, everyone’s thinking of spending evenings on the sofa with a blanket, no surprises there’s not much around 🙂 usual, if you’re going to one of those hit me up!

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Startups Women in Startups

London Startup Talks #2: How to become a Bot Builder

Hey everyone!

It’s been quite a long time since my first ever London Startup Talk with the founder of Social Belly, and that happened for a couple of reasons: I’ve been experimenting a lot with my blog and I’ve decided to reserve this space to introduce amazing women entrepreneurs in tech.
Women are less represented in tech and without striking amazing results, we just need to do more to het the same recognition as men. And that’s no fair, at all. So, after having won the hackathon organised by Makers Academy and having seen I’m not the only experiencing it, I’ve decided to support and spread the word about amazing women doing super tech projects.

Why the London Startup Talks Series?

During this year of blogging and consultancy for startups, I realised that, even if women are engaged in amazing projects, they’re less exposed than men and that’s not fair. We’re working twice as much, why can’t we have the same treatment? We’re always involved in diversity and equality topics or easily involved in the fashion industry or blogging contests, but why can’t we just talk about tech or engineering? Is it that strange asking a woman about her love for tech?
As I’m in love with tech, I’ve decided to interview the most amazing women I know and not only because we share the same love, but also to give them exposure and highlight what they do.
And of course to give you a bit of insight of what I feel about tech. 🙂

So, a few months ago I went to a Chatbot Meetup and together with the amazing organiser Kriti Sharma (recently featured on BBC for Ada Lovelace Day) I met with Anindita from Gupshup, a Bot Builder Platform, and Susana Duran, Director of Mobile Development at Sage.
I was curious to hear from them, learning about their experience, concerns and ideas about Bots and the next technologies, that’s why I decided to ask them a few questions.
And today I’m very happy to share this interview with all of you!

The interview with Anindita and Susana: become a BOT builder!

1) When did you understand you wanted to be in tech?


Pic by Ian Schneider

Anindita: It was a natural progression. I always wanted to do something that would help people interact. Communicate better and faster. Technology is evolving so rapidly that every day is a new with a million promises.

Susana: My parents bought me my first computer when I was 10 years old and that was a long time ago. I liked it and I took some programming lessons by that time although it wasn’t very usual. Time went by and I started my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and after that a master degree.

2) Did someone help you achieving it? If yes, how big was his/her contribution?

Anindita: My mentor, boss and guide, the CEO of Mr. Beerud Sheth. He changed my perspective. Sometimes it is important to be futuristic yet elegantly simple.

Susana: My parents. Although they would have preferred other traditional careers, they provided all the support I needed since I was very young.

3) Why do you think Bots are the next big thing in tech?

Anindita: It is a once in a decade paradigm shift. It is similar to the web or the app wave. It will change the way people use technology to communicate. It will be a bigger and more powerful medium than anything we have seen before.

Susana: Mobile is the future and immediate and quick actions are the key. Mobile apps are also trying to follow the trail of bots with solutions like Google with Android Instant Apps but now bots provide the best and most complete solution for any platform.

Bots represent a once-in-a-decade paradigm shift. It is similar to the web or the app wave. It will change the way people use technology to communicate. It will be a bigger and more powerful medium than anything we have seen before.


Pic by Fabian Irsara

4) Do you think there are more or fewer obstacles being Women in Tech?

Anindita: Depends. I think technology is a great leveller. It does not look at gender. It looks at innovation, usability and reach. If you have the grit and willingness to change and adapt to new things and to serve people, there is no stopping you.

Susana: Although everybody says there is no difference, women need to demonstrate more than men and by default are considered less valid for tech issues.

5) How do you think we can improve a more gender equality in STEM?

Anindita: Ability, humility and hard work. The world is changing. Gender biases will have to go away if there is talent.

Susana: Family is still a matter that is considered a woman duty, as well as all tech stuff is a man thing. Equality will be achieved when both things can be imagined for anyone.

6) Who’s inspiring you?

Anindita: My mentor, boss and guide, the CEO of Mr. Beerud Sheth

Susana:  There are lots of entrepreneurs and people who deserve being our inspiration but my inspiration mainly comes from my own overcoming instinct and my willing of continuous evolution. My family give me their support and even when I am frustrated and I think that this is too much they are always there to hug me and make me smile again.

Family is still a matter that is considered a woman duty, as well as all tech stuff is a man thing. Equality will be achieved when both things can be imagined for anyone.

7) The best advice to give to an 18-years old girl looking to find/build her future path

:  it is important to be focused, but it is equally important to have fun. Great ideas come from a free mind. Changing these ideas to reality come with a disciplined self. All the best!

Susana: Do what will make you happy as you will probably spend the most part of your time and life on it. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s not going to be easy just try it.




..and now we need to follow their advice, girls: do what makes you happy and remember to step outside your comfort zone! And if you feeling stupid, just do it anyway, it won’t be that stupid if it’s really what you want to do!

How are you feeling, girls?
Say hello on Twitter!

How are you feeling boys?
Does it sound like a bunch of stupid words? Read why we need your help

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The technology trends everyone will talk about in 2017: get ready for Virtual Reality


2017 technology trends: get ready for Virtual Reality

I’m finally back in London with loads of stuff to do and many people to meet again. After having spent some time abroad, it’s always good to be back and keep in mind why you’ve actually chosen to live in this super competitive, tiring but also forward-thinking city.

(If you’re curious to learn more about the 6 weeks I spent in Italy click here)

I’ve spent the first few weeks in London writing stuff, I blogged out and there, and read a lot about what will be the 2017 technology trends. We’re just a few weeks away from Christmas, it’s time to get your say!

What do you think will be the 2017 technology trends?

Smart car? Smart cities? IoT? I know, those replies are super generic, and, in other words, all of them can be the most important tech trends. So, let’s try to be more specific.
Cars are starting to talk to each other so we’re not very far away from plugging more technology into this “more than 100 years old” invention. But still far from a very innovative product. google-home-google-assistant
AI virtual assistants are coming to our houses, whom you can talk with, to ask questions about everything, get details about your daily schedule and interact with your Home. Google Home has been announced a couple of days ago but Amazon Echo has been launched last year and it’s still niche, I guess. (When I say niche, I always benchmark Italy, as my beloved country is very slow and conservative to adopt new technologies)
IoT and Wearables are growing industries but there are still a lot of barriers in terms of privacy and data ownership, let’s see how this is going to develop in the next few months.

So, what’s left? Virtual Reality!
PlayStation VR is here soon, and soon as all the hard-core gamers will start using it massively.

Virtual Reality will finally be applied to a few more industries and not just the more generic entertainment.

Massive adoption means a massive opportunity for a lot of other industries, as the technology is already here and you just need to apply it to your specific product.
So, if your business is in one of the following industry, roll your sleeves up and be ready to catch the opportunity!

  1. Real Estate
    How about having the chance to walk through the house/flat you want to rent or buy instead of spending time going there or meeting builders to approve plans on paper you don’t really understand? Super interesting, especially when you’re spending millions on renovating works.
  2. Travel
    Would you try an immersive experience around the country you’re planning so hard to visit if you would have had the chance? I would, especially if committing to that holiday is not very affordable.
  3. Journalism
    Thanks to ad-blocking, publishers and editors are facing difficult times. How about delivering a very immersive value-driven experience for their paid subscription? Members are not very keen to pay to have access to content, but I bet it depends on the kind of content.
  4. Education
    I already approached that topic when I talked about the first surgery operation filmed on VR and used for education reasons on my Linkedin Pulse (it’s in Italian though). But, would you imagine how many more startups are doing the same, providing tools to teach kids about space, science or history?
  5. Shopping
    How big is the opportunity for e-commerce store and fashion brands? Imagine shoppers using a VR set not only to choose what they’d like to buy but also immerse themselves in the store and attend fashion shows, living immersive experiences around it.


I will be really keen to know what you think, hit me up around and tell me what you think!