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September 2015

Growth Hacking

Events for startups in London&Dublin: growth hack to success!


Events for startups in London&Dublin: growth hack to success!

Are you interested in Growth Hacking? If you don’t really know what it is but you’re working as a marketeer for a startup you should reply yes.

Growth Hacking is the way Marketing is implemented at startups: forget about brand identity, vision and mission, this stuff doesn’t work anymore. Well, it works on paper, then you need to have things done, quickly and effectively.

When you’re talking about growth hacking, you’re talking about tools, ideas and approaches combined with creativity and analytic skills to get results, achieve goals and scaling.
There are a lot of examples where adopting growth hacking strategies has proven to be successful. Think of Dropbox’s referral strategy or do you know why Airbnb has grown like crazy? This is a great video about it.

growth-hacking-events-london-dublinSo, if you’re looking to be the next successful one, you need to learn. Then think, do, be creative and check your performance.
There are two amazing Growth Hacking events you can’t miss if you’re looking to improve your skills.
The first one is in London at Google Campus, on Wednesday 23rd, and it’s the Secret Sauce Conference, a one-day conference for people looking to learn growth hacking techniques on getting investment, making sales, becoming a great public speaker, and all things related to run an early-stage startup.
It’s sold out at the moment, but you can follow the conference on Twitter using #getyoursauce hashtag. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing (as I’m part of the organising team lol)
ps: we also did a lot of growth hacking to organise the event check it out here!

The second one is Growth Hacking Talks and it’s in Dublin on the day after, September 24th.
It’s more a conference rather than a workshop, where a bunch of people from Uber, Intercom and Google will talk about several growth hacking strategies. I would be really interested in: How Building a Community Can Help Drive Growth and How I Smashed Our Indiegogo Goal in 2 Days. Sounds really promising!
You can buy your ticket here or tweet me here for a chance to win your ticket and attend this conference for free. 😉


Ankur Nagpal-Facebook-developer-growthhacking***


About me Social Media

Social Media Marketing Speaker in London


How I did being a Social Media Marketing Speaker in London

In the last few weeks, I’ve been a speaker for a few social media talks about Social Media Marketing, strategy, tools, personal reputation.
I’ve been invited by Outreach Digital  and a few other organisations and it’s been incredibly interesting meeting and talking with people, being on the other side for the first time. 😀

alessiacamera-socialmedia-speaker-online-marketing-LondonAs I think that Marketing is not something with established and generic rules valid for everyone I really like workshops, also because every month there are new tools, new ideas and you need to jump on them to give it a try, you really can’t be behind if you want to stay alive.
[Ok, maybe “staying alive” is a bit too much, but you did get what I meant, didn’t you?]
And I’m not only talking about businesses, but also professionals and consultants.
Personal reputation is important and you need to be online, using social media and connect with people important for your industry and your job.
Do you know that we’re spending more time scrolling Facebook than in the toilet?

Here my social media deck!


Nelle ultime settimane sono stata invitata come speaker per alcuni eventi e workshop di social media marketing dove ho parlato di strategia, tool e personal reputation. E’ stato molto eccitante essere all’altra parte per una volta ed incontrare e confrontarsi con la community di Outreach Digital e di altre organizzazioni.

alessiacamera-socialmedia-strategy-online-marketing-consultant-LondonCredo infatti, che quando si parla di Marketing infatti non ci siano regole prestabilite e valide per tutti e quindi adoro gli workshop e la possibilità di confrontarsi. Inoltre, ogni mese ci sono nuovi strumenti e tool, nuove idee e campagne che bisogna conoscere e provare per rimanere aggiornati!
Ed ovviamente non parlo solo di aziende ma anche di professionisti e consulenti.
La personal reputation è importante come è necessario essere online, usare i socia media ed entrare in contatto con persone rilevanti per il tuo lavoro e il tuo settore.

Anche perchè  lo sapete che le persone spendono mediamente più tempo a “scrollare” Facebook che in bagno?

About me

Step out from your comfort zone!


Step out from your comfort zone

Such a busy time people! But today I’m happy to invite you to step out from your comfort zone.
What’s your comfort zone? I was watching this amazing video by TEDxVicenza where Steve Haley was explaining the same thing. So, I’m not going to explain you, watch him! 😀

So, I hope you watched it ’cause it’s a great one. Step out from your comfort zone means pushing your limits, make mistakes and do every day something that scares you.
step out from your comfort zone london startupIf you’re not stepping out your comfort zone, you’re not learning and you’re not growing.
In the last months I’ve been pushing my limits a lot: take on new side projects, a new job (I’m full time with Rentecarlo now, the UK marketplace to rent cars from owners living nearby), planning a crowdfunding campaign, organise an amazing tech conference for early-stage startups and I’ve been speaking to Social Media Strategy Meetups
Sorry, what are you saying? Where do I find the time? I told you I’ve been busy, lol

I’ve been extremely busy but also really satisfied, ’cause I think I’ve learned more in the last 3 months than in the last year. Stepping out from my comfort zone has allowed me to learn a lot and I’m happy to share this learning with you.

1) Create conversations and collaborations
. Power to people, I think I’ll never stop saying that. And I’m not only talking about the online world, talking with people and sharing ideas is extremely important not only if you want to learn but also understand what you like doing.
2) Say YES. 
Don’t be scared. You’re scared of falling ’cause now you’re feeling really comfortable in your comfort zone. Find people who can help you, and never say no. Do one step after the other one, but learn to take risks.
3) Find your energy booster
For sure you have it, somewhere. Find what makes you happy and do it. You won’t believe how much positive and energetic you’ll start to be!

Is there something else you’d like to add? Tell me in the comments, always keen to listen to other points of view!