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June 2015

Digital strategy

Create a top Email strategy: Digital Marketing [challenge] Meetup


I don’t know if you use Meetup, but I love it! Here in London if you don’t know what to do, you’d like to do something but you don’t really know how..well there’s Meetup, where you can probably find wherever you want.

From language practice courses, to gigs, show cases and learning workshops! Well, it’s also a great way to meet other people with common interests.
So, I was saying, if you’d like to learn something, meetups are great (most of them)!
Of course it’s not like attending a course, you won’t find proper lectures, but if you want to  hear more about particular topics, go for it!

So, this week I went to a Digital Marketing Challenge Meetup about E-mail marketing. Even if I already know how to set up an E-mail campaign strategy, I think it’s always great teaming up with people sharing different points of view and create something from scratch: you always learn something new.Digital-Challenge-Meetup

So that’s what I did. The evening was great, organised by the brilliant guys from Outreach Digital and sponsored by Mailjet.
There were two business studies: a music content platform and a chat support platform. I teamed up with some guys and we start working on the music one. We had several ideas, the most successful one was to create a challenge/game email campaign to outline our audience and then: analytics & further segmentation depending on the CTR and content people were interested in.

Of course I learnt a lot, especially in terms of team building.  For example in London team work is slightly different: compared to Italy, people are really polite when working in a team and they never tell someone when an ideas is not really good. Also, everyone is participating to the discussion, even if they have no experience at all. And I think it’s great, even if talking about Facebook targeting is not really related to Email campaigns! 😀
I think team working is amazing, especially when there’s a mix of culture and multiple experiences.

So, how could you create a top E-mail strategy?

  • Think Responsive
  • Keep it simple
  • Call to action: one is enough
  • Keep it simple, especially if you’re a designer/developer
  • Test, Test, Test
  • Content is King
  • Big Data is real: A/B Testing, Tinyclues, Kickdynamic
  • Presume no rules, learn from your customers

Ah..and we didn’t win, but we had a lot of fun! 😀

About me

London, two and a half years later


Yeah, it’s been two and a half years I’m living in London. So, why not celebrating with a brand new blog? Yep, another one. Why not? Lol.

Well, first promise: I won’t write anything related to food, best things to do, to see or eat in London. ‘Cause there are already a lot of amazing travel bloggers talking about it.

Second promise: I won’t write anything related to art ’cause I have already a space to telling you about it which is This is Not Art (and that’s also where I wrote about startups in the past).

My experience in London is mainly related to online marketing, innovation, startups, geek people, disruptive projects, networking events. That’s why I moved: learning. And that’s why I’m still in love with this city: opportunities. I can’t get bored.

So, as my memory is limited sometimes..(I’m eating a lot of fish but it’s not enough! :D)
I’ll use this blog to keep track of everything I’m doing, project involved, tools & app I’m, follow me, if you can! 😀



C’è chi dopo due anni e mezzo a Londra compra casa,  torna a casa oppure inizia una nuova vita. Io, semplicemente, apro un altro blog.  Perchè no?

Promessa n.1: non scriverò nulla relativo a: cibo o articoli tipo “le migliori cose da fare, da vedere, da mangiare a Londra”. Ci sono già dei bravissimi travel blogger che ci pensano.

Promessa n. 2: non scriverò nulla inerente all’arte perchè ho già uno spazio per parlare dei progetti che reputo interessanti: Questa Non È Arte (e anche dove trovate alcuni articoli su progetti innovativi nella sezione Arte in Partenza).

E quindi, di cosa tratterà questo blog? Visto che la mia esperienza a Londra ruota attorno all’online marketing, tool, eventi, startup, progetti, networking, ho pensato di raccontare tutto quello che mi colpisce di più. Dopo due anni e mezzo ho imparato a scoprire  quali sono gli eventi piú interessanti. E l’insieme di tutto ciò che mi ha spinto a venire qui: la possibilità di imparare ogni giorno qualcosa di nuovo e di avere sempre nuove opportunità.

E siccome la mia memoria è limitata..ho pensato di raccogliere qui tutto quello che leggo, che faccio e i progetti che seguo..quindi seguitemi, se ci riuscite! 😀


ps: non troverete tutti gli articoli sia in italiano che in inglese, dipende dalle situazioni. Fa parte del multitasking! lol