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June 2015

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How to create a top Email Strategy: Digital Marketing [challenge] Meetup


How many meetups did you join last week?

I don’t know if you use Meetup, but I love it! Here in London it happens you don’t know what to do.
You’d love to do something but you don’t really know how or who.
When you’re feeling a bit isolated in your daily jobs you can join a Meetup, where you can probably find whatever you want.

From language practice courses to gigs, show cases and learning workshops! Well, it’s also a great way to meet other people with common interests.
So, I was saying, if you’d like to learn something, meetups are great (most of them)!
Of course, it’s not like attending a course, you won’t find proper lectures, but if you want to hear more about particular topics, go for it!

How to create a top Email Strategy Meetup

So, this week I went to a Digital Marketing Challenge Meetup about email marketing.
Even if I already know how to set up an email campaign strategy, I think it’s always great teaming up with people sharing different points of view and create something from scratch: you always learn something new.
And this meetup was a very particular one as it was a challenge.
How to create a top email strategy - Digital-Challenge-Meetup London

So that’s what I did. The evening was great, organised by the brilliant guys from Outreach Digital and sponsored by Mailjet.
There were two business studies: a music content platform and a chat support platform.
I teamed up with some guys and we started working on the music project. We had several ideas, the most successful one was to create a challenge/game email campaign to outline our audience and then: analytics & further segmentation depending on the CTR and content people were interested in.

Of course, I learned a lot, especially in terms of team building.  For example in London team work is slightly different: compared to Italy, people are really polite when working in a team and they never tell someone when an idea is not really good.
Also, everyone is participating in the discussion, even if people have no experience at all. And I think it’s great, even if talking about Facebook audiences is not really related to Email campaigns! 😀
I think team working is amazing, especially when there’s a mix of culture and multiple experiences.

So, how to create a top E-mail strategy?
Some cool tips but the guys at Mailjet:

  • Think Responsive
  • Keep it simple
  • Call to action: one is enough
  • Keep it simple, especially if you’re a designer/developer
  • Test, Test, Test
  • Content is King
  • Big Data is real: A/B Testing, Tinyclues, Kickdynamic
  • Presume no rules, learn from your customers

Ah..and we didn’t win, but we had a lot of fun! 😀

About me

London two and a half years later. I’m living the tech life I’ve always wondered


London two and a half years later. My tech life. How much did I learn?

Yeah, it’s been two and a half years I’ve been living in London. Incredible. Time flies so much here.
So, why not celebrating with a brand new blog? Yep, another one. Why not? Some people likes buying shoes, I prefer buying domains.

Well, first promise: I won’t write anything related to food, best things to do, to see or eat in London. ‘Cause there are already a lot of amazing travel bloggers talking about it.

Second promise: I won’t write anything related to art ’cause I have already a place where I talk about it which is This is Not Art .

My experience in London is mainly related to online marketing, innovation, startups, geek people, disruptive projects, networking events. In London I’m living a tech life I wouldn’t exchange for anything else.
That’s why I moved: learning. And that’s why I’m still in love with this city: opportunities. I can’t get bored.

I’m living the tech life in London I’ve always looked for, without even knowing I was looking for it.

So, as my memory is limited sometimes and I’m doing so much, I want to keep track of it (I’m eating a lot of fish but it’s not enough! :D)
I’ll use this blog to keep memories of everything I’m doing, startups I’m involved, tools & app I’m using and books I’m, follow me, if you can! 😀

London two and a half years later